our purpose

Celo de Bonstato Kaj Konservado (CBKK) means “well-being and conservation purpose” in Esperanto. Our purpose of enabling business models that prioritize people and the planet is reflected in our pillars. They guide us in a complex world, directing our investment decisions to drive a transformation in the production and consumption system.

value addition
at the origin

Value addition at the origin is our fundamental pillar, the soil where we plant our roots. All our businesses need to add value at their hatcher. Strengthening the capabilities of the people we invest in and integrating their ventures with other economic activities, we densify the value chain at the origin, impacting all its surroundings.

In this enriched soil, the communities empower themselves in their knowledge, rescuing the local belonging and possibly developing autonomous social, political and economic protection networks that will promote the conservation of their landscapes and the development of their well-being. The cycle does not close at the origin, but opens up with new income generation opportunities with the products and services arising from this valued origin earning in quality and uniqueness.



There are many definitions of well-being. We appreciate the concept of well-being as an indigenous cosmovision inheritance of perception and interaction with the world linked to the integrality between human beings and nature. Although this tradition is lived through experiences, practices and values specific to each community, it is the result of diverse desires and needs satisfaction based on sustainable relationships exchange with the natural environment.

Respect for the local communities' well-being provides parameters for our investments, guiding our decisions in accordance with exceptionality and the principles of each one of them, but always in the sense of maintaining or recovering this original balance, in order to strengthen the communities themselves as guardians of their biomes.



As in agroforestry systems the various species are associated to achieve the best environmental and economic result, in the production chains integration businesses are more likely to be successful when connected. Challenges in logistics, scalability, seasonality, among others, are faced together, in a combination of expertise.

In our production chains forest, we not only build links between the different businesses‘ planting, harvesting, processing and distributing systems in order to reduce our risks and costs , but we also aim to connect producers to end consumers. Thus, we encourage the idea of the citizen consumer, who deepens his knowledge about the origin of what he consumes and has the possibility to contribute directly to mitigating the effects of the current climate emergency, through direct payment to the producer for environmental services (PSA).



Conservation is in our name. It's so much a purpose of our existence as a pillar of our actions.

CBKK invests in entrepreneurs who develop businesses capable of produce economic value and well-being, from a sustainable approach to nature's resources. Thus, they strengthen themselves as true guardians of your biomes.

Whether through the standing forest bioeconomy or the oceans' blue economy, the return on our investments is intrinsically related to landscape conservation.



The decarbonization of the economy will possibly be one of the technological transformations fastest in human history. At CBKK, we reciprocate the final consumer's preference for our products or services with the neutralization of one day of their carbon footprint – calculated by the average footprint of a person in Brazil. With each experience with our investees, the consumer receives a certain amount of these credits, that are certified and tokenized by blockchain technology and can be accumulated in a personalized digital wallet

Furthermore, and even more importantly, we encourage consumers to participate in this commitment to the planet and our common future, inviting them to neutralize part of GHG emissions corresponding to their daily activities (process under development). Thereby, we help to raise awareness about the climate emergency with concrete actions that promote the conscious consumption and a real change in the environment.



Knowing all stages of a product's journey is essential to ensure its quality and reliability. From the producer's hands to the consumer's, each product or service lives a story, and it is through traceability that we can tell it in a transparent way, gauging its credibility. This pillar also allows us to carry out the Logistics management and quality control of the entire production process, increasing the security of the investments made by CBKK. 

The technology used for product traceability is the blockchain, considered the most advanced and secure in the world for digital transactions and certifications. Through this digital tool, it is possible to ensure the authenticity and immutability of the information supplied at all production chain stages. For the end consumer, blockchain is an invitation to our brands and products‘ storytelling immersion, the passport to experience our stories first hand, as a socio-environmental disruption agent.



Radical transparency is the availability of a production chain information, from one end to the other, for all those related to the product: producers, distributors and consumers.

The traditional certifying seals and labels are replaced by a transparency certification process, attested by our global brand Ekosfera and guaranteed by the blockchain traceability. Access to data gives autonomy to stakeholders and delights those who share our values. In the information and post-purpose consumption era, it is the only possible way to invest, undertake and give credibility to our messages. After all, we are proud to tell the world the CBKK way of doing business.



We seek gains in scale for each business we invest in, but also for the disruption that we want to achieve as a whole.

In our investments, growth means multiply the positive impact, while access to robust markets increases consumption of locally sourced products.

From business to business, we scale our socio-environmental impact, giving concreteness to the narrative of an economy that cares more for People and Nature.




From ancestral indigenous knowledge to the most recent discovery in biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, we support our operations on a knowledge and experience field solid foundation. We value the traditional communities science and combine the technology necessary to add value at the origin and enable successful business, in balance with Nature, because we believe that the disruption to transform production and consumption systems will only be possible through knowledge and innovation.

While the latest technical advances allow us to integrate production chains, overcoming logistical challenges, cutting costs, optimizing processes and, most importantly, increasing products' and services' quality, digital technology makes our storytelling possible through traceability, bringing closer together those who buy and those who produce.



We believe that no organization is better than its people. Therefore, we gathered the best talents to place our knowledge and corporate experience at the service of the most motivated and disruptive entrepreneurs connected with our well-being and conservation purpose.

These professionals are the greatest CBKK’s differential and our people go beyond the excellence of our staff. They are in the city, in the forest and in the ocean. They are our collaborators, our partners and our end consumers. We understand that, from one end of the production chain to the other, everyone is essential in this climate emergency era. A people-centered approach is the only way to regenerate our planet and hopes.


The science is clear: we are experiencing a climate emergency. However, with bold and immediate transformations, we can avoid the most dramatic consequences and guarantee a secure future. At CBKK we are committed to promoting 120 disruptive businesses, attuned to the necessary changes, and the caminho até 2035 it's the window of time we have to get there. This clock symbolizes our countdown, counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds towards our goal.

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