What truly inspires the CBKK brand portfolio curation are the stories full of essence and purpose. It is through conscious minds and knowledge that it is possible to accelerate responsible business conduct, focusing on economic and socio-environmental development objectives.

De Mendes

Premium chocolates with authentic Amazonian DNA and conservation flavor.

Luxury, fashion and decoration items which combines the knowledge of ancestral peoples with the humanized and disruptive design.



Biostimulants for crop’s growth and productivity.

A new generation of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics.

Bioplastics Project

Ocean Farming Project

Business development for a regenerative marine economy that empowers people and the planet.

The science is clear: we are experiencing a climate emergency. However, with bold and immediate transformations, we can avoid the most dramatic consequences and guarantee a secure future. At CBKK we are committed to promoting 120 disruptive businesses, attuned to the necessary changes, and the caminho até 2035 it's the window of time we have to get there. This clock symbolizes our countdown, counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds towards our goal.

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